Elevate your WordPress content anywhere in a familiar WordPress way.

Thermal is the WordPress plugin that gives you the power of WP_Query in a RESTful API. Thermal supports client-based decisions that, when combined with a responsive design framework, allows for a truly responsive application leveraging a WordPress content source.


Your WordPress Content…

You've built your site using WordPress because you love the simplicity of its experience, but your website is just one place where you want to display your content.

…Wherever You Want.

Thermal is the gateway between your WordPress-managed content and its consumption. Mobile Web. Native Apps. Syndication. Embeds. Thermal exposes your content for a variety of uses.


What is Thermal?

You own your WordPress content. Thermal is an API that helps you use it wherever and however you like. The Voce Platforms team created Thermal to help support applications that live outside of WordPress. You know, the mobile web apps, the syndication networks, the content embedded in other websites. Thermal provides that connection to WordPress.


Your Content Anywhere

Use your WordPress content anywhere you can call an API: web sites, mobile and desktop applications.


No XML-RPC here.

One-click Install

No configuration necessary for most uses. WordPress filters are available for further customization.

Custom Post Types & Taxonomies

Great for complex integrations with support for WordPress custom post types and taxonomies.


Brought to you by the Platforms Team at Voce — a team that eats, sleeps and breathes this stuff.


A reference implementation of the Thermal API as a Backbone.js client is available.


Your WordPress content on any website and any device.

Set your WordPress-managed content free across a multitude of devices and platforms. Thermal lets you do just that with an interface that works and behaves as you've grown to expect from WordPress.



The Thermal API is a JSON REST API built on top of the WordPress WP_Query object. It offers many benefits compared to other API plugins.

  • Thermal uses REST so it follows the familiar URL structure of other web APIs
  • Thermal uses the same query parameters as WP_Query so there's no need to learn a new syntax
  • Thermal sits on top of WordPress' internal API's where caching is already provided
  • Thermal automatically supports any public custom post types or taxonomies
  • Thermal is actively maintained

Get Started with Thermal

To get started with Thermal just download the plugin and dive into our documentation (as well as samples).

Thermal is new, so to get the creativity flowing, we have provided a few samples. As Thermal grows we will continue to share more samples.

We would love to showcase how others have used Thermal as well. If you have any examples you would like to share with the community, clone the Thermal samples git repo and submit a pull request.

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